Stop ignoring that inner voice screaming that you are meant for more!

You do NOT have to wait for "someday" to start living your purpose!

Learn key strategies to help you FIND your PURPOSE and start living it NOW - no matter your current circumstances!

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About Your HOst
Hi, I'm Lorna.
Life Purpose Coach. Healer. Dog Mom. Christian.
I believe everyone was born with a purpose.  

Unfortunately, most of us get too wrapped up in the demands of making money to pursue it.  

We spend years ignoring what lights us up to slave away for a paycheck.  

When money comes in, we spend it on vacations, fancy cars and designer clothes. 

Our houses fill with stuff while we remain empty inside.

It's time to break the cycle of distraction and find the only real fulfillment there is. 

The wholeness that comes from living your purpose and making the impact that only YOU can!

I'm on a mission to change the world by empowering women and men to live their God-given purpose and leave a legacy of good in the world.  
Welcome aboard!

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meet the speakers

Chimene Van Gundy
Mobile Home Millions
Texas, USA

Alex da Silva
Happy As Larry
United Kingdom

Dr. Danny Brassell
Speaker and Trainer
California, USA

Julie Schooler
Rediscover Your Sparkle
New Zealand

Kenyon Salo
Denver Broncos Skydiver & Speaker
Colorado, USA

Mike Tomasello
Career Coach, Speaker & Trainer
California, USA

Ron Cool
Executive Coach & Podcast Host
Colorado, USA

Tom Meyers
Stress Coach, TEDx Organizer & Author

Lance Graulich
Franchise Consultant &
Development Guru
Nevada USA

Alex McElroy
Speaker, Author, Minister & Leadership Advisor
Illinois, USA

Jeff Steinberg
Keynote Speaker & Entertainer
Florida, USA

Eric Bailey
Speaker, Author & Professional Basketball Player

Noeline Kirabo
Social Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

Dennis C. Miller
Leadership Coach, Author & Executive Search Consultant
New Jersey, USA

Audreia Josephs
Forgiveness Coach, Author & Speaker
United Kingdom

Alvin Law
Motivational Speaker, Former Radio Broadcaster 

Brandon Peele
Purpose Activator, Author & Speaker
California, USA

Brooke Ozlem Erol
Culture Transformation Consultant, Author, Coach & Speaker
California, USA

Jamie Andrew
Quadruple Amputee Mountaineer & Speaker

Caroline Mohr
Speaker, Coach & Former Golf Pro 

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown
Transformational Coach, Author & Speaker
United Kingdom

Robby Kojetin
Speaker, Coach, Mountaineer - Wheelchair to Everest
South Africa

Jodie Randisi
Speaker, Author, Educational Consultant
South Carolina, USA

Roger Crawford
Speaker, Coach & Tennis Pro 
California, USA

Karyn Buxman
Neurohumorist & TEDx Speaker
California, USA

Fireman Rob Verhelst
Speaker, Author & Fireman
Wisconsin, USA

Katie Sutton
Intuitive Channel, Vibrational Healer & Coach
North Carolina, USA

Yossi Ginsberg
Adventurer, Author, Humanitarian & Speaker

Rhys Thomas
Author, Speaker, Trainer & Coach
Massachusets, USA

Saul Kaye
Jewish Blues Artist & Inspirational Leader
California, USA

Sarah Humphreys
Business Coach & Serial Entrepreneur
United Kingdom

Yashwant Patel
High Performance Transformational Coach
United Kingdom

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